In addition to the data available for researchers, the NCS Archive provides the NCS Teaching Database comprised of a base child-level dataset and several topic-related modules. This data is derived from files available within the NCS Archive and is based on real data collected during the NCS Vanguard Study.

The purpose of the NCS Teaching Database is to provide researchers a ready-made database system that can be used for various statistical models, including repeated measures analyses. It is freely available as a resource to supplement classroom examples and student academic projects.

Those interested in learning more about the source data and study data collection procedures are encouraged to register for full site access - Register Here

Please note: Teaching datasets are for academic use only and are not suitable for publication purposes.

Documentation File
Teaching Dataset Documentation PDF (382KB)
Anthropometry Codebook PDF (122KB)
Child Codebook PDF (670KB)
Child Health Codebook PDF (255KB)
Developmental Milestones Codebook PDF (122KB)
Infant Feeding Codebook PDF (123KB)
Mother Pregnancy Codebook PDF (136KB)
Sleep Routine Codebook PDF (119KB)
SAS Programming Statement TXT (44KB)
SAS Format Catalog SAS7BDAT (81KB)
Data Format File
Anthropometry Comma delimited CSV (134KB)
Anthropometry SAS transport XPT (286KB)
Child Comma delimited CSV (582KB)
Child SAS transport XPT (1.1MB)
Child Health Comma delimited CSV (488KB)
Child Health SAS transport XPT (1.2MB)
Developmental Milestones Comma delimited CSV (610KB)
Developmental Milestones SAS transport XPT (1.5MB)
Infant Feeding Comma delimited CSV (171KB)
Infant Feeding SAS transport XPT (443KB)
Mother Pregnancy Comma delimited CSV (207KB)
Mother Pregnancy SAS transport XPT (305KB)
Sleep Routine Comma delimited CSV (405KB)
Sleep Routine SAS transport XPT (1.1MB)